Saturday, October 21, 2017

More Platinum/Palladium Prints

More snaps of prints in progress, another six from the 'Steep Rock Autumn' series I've been shooting over the past few weeks. These are from this morning's printing session. With another session tomorrow morning I should have a first look at all the selected set of a dozen pictures.

Brookside, Autumn

Macedonia Brook State Park, Connecticut

Friday, October 20, 2017

New Prints in Platinum/Palladium

This Autumn I've been working on a set of pictures at nearby Steep Rock Preserve. The subject is the forest and the Shepaug River that runs through it, using the special conditions and light as the leaves brighten and thin out. The forest can take on a glow in the soft light before or after the rain and I'm trying to capture that. It's also an experiment in working with digital capture to produce a set of pictures intended exclusively for platinum/palladium printing. This morning I made the first two test prints, 11-inches wide. They indicate that file prep has gone well but I'll wait until they are completely dry to evaluate and continue printing. Here are the first two, working their way through the clearing baths:

Autumn Weeds

Torrington, Connecticut

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


New Preston, Connecticut

For a while now all day long there has been a procession of heavy duty dump trucks chugging up and down Route 47 past our house. From the rank smell they leave behind, I figured they were carrying hot asphalt for road resurfacing. Monday I drove past this pullover near where Route 47 terminates at Route 202. It seems to be a designated area to clean out the dregs of blacktop from the trucks as they head back to wherever they pick up another load.  I assume they'll eventually clean this mess up...Tuesday I drove past and there was at least twice as much odorous stuff on the ground. I also found myself behind one of the loaded trucks and decided to follow it to see where they're doing all this work. It turned out they are repaving the narrow road that circles Lake Waramaug.

Wall, Weeds, Window, Model Railroad Tracks

Torrington, Connecticut

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Waterbury Bed Races, Part Two (final)

Waterbury, Connecticut

Contestants and spectators gathered in front of City Hall for opening ceremonies and a rendition of the National Anthem. The United Way of Greater Waterbury acknowledged individuals who had worked hard to put on the charity event.

Then the racing began.

For all the funny signs and wacky costumes, the carnival atmosphere vanished and everything got serious at race time—serious and fast! These guys had been training for this.

Media coverage included a video drone (upper left, operator lower right). There were heats of three teams each.

There was music.

The Mobile Pub was open and doing brisk business.

More music, watched by the drone.

There were two semi-final heats.

The final was won by the dominant Waterbury YMCA team.

Waterbury Bed Races (part one)

Waterbury, Connecticut

Saturday saw the revival of a long tradition with the 2017 running of the Waterbury Bed Races, after a break of nearly twenty years. There's material on the event's history at its Facebook page. I was just wandering around town looking for things to photograph when I spotted The Mobile Pub, and realized something interesting must be happening.

Signs led me to the center of town where streets were closed off around the Courthouse.

The paddock was around the corner where some of the race teams were putting the finishing touches on their racing beds:

Others were ready and waiting for the pre-race parade:

Other teams were a little less prepared:

The event chairman gave out pre-race instructions:

Then the teams lined up and headed out to the racecourse.

This team did get their entry ready in time and came out in Mad Men outfits, complete with Martini glasses and cigarettes.


Torrington, Connecticut

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Sofa (9)

Torrington, Connecticut

Maybe the sticker isn't a nine—I'm not familiar with it as a symbol.

Friday, October 13, 2017

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